Unapologetic Motherhood

Can we be honest? Parenting is freakin' hard sometimes. Our kids are wonderful and amazing, but parenting ain't for punks and raising children is no easy task.  It's time we let go of the quest for perfectionism and get real about taking care of ourselves so we can better care for our families.


Module 1

Supermom Strategy Session

Exploring Your Identity?

Who are you - the woman vs. the mom?

What roles do you play at work, at home, within your extended family and friend circles?

Examining Family Dynamics

Describe your childhood.

What was your family structure growing up? What does your own family look like?

How would you define your parenting philosophy?

Identifty Challenges

What challenges are you facing personally and professionally? 

What do you find difficulty or trying about parenting?

Rethinking the Superwoman Complex

For so long, the adage has been you can have it all if you work hard and prioritize your tasks and responsibilities. Then we shifted to stop thinking you are mom AKA superwoman and that we indeed can't have it. I now subscribe to my own theory - that moms are indeed superheroes. Why? Because superheroes have some important attributes and characteristics that make this true. Check out this video to learn more.

Wheel of Life

The wheel of life is a tool designed to examine your level of happiness in various aspects of your life including business and family among others. Ponder this and create your own wheel of life.


1) How do you integrate the 2 essential roles you play as both WOMAN and MOM? 2) List 3 transformation goals you wish to obtain through this course?

Frequently Asked Questions

Reimagining Motherhood is $397 for a total of 7 modules. You can complete each module at your own pace but cannot move to the next module until you have completed the prior one. There is also an option to pay in installments - 3 payments of $145 billed monthly.

  • Show up
  •  Prepare to learn
  • Have an open-mind
  • Be honest 
  • Ask questions
  • Do your homeowrk
  • Professional expertise
  • Transparency and authenticity
  • Amazing content
  • Weekly accountability sessions

There are 8 modules in this exciting new course, Reimagining Motherhood

  1. Module 1: Supermom Strategy Session
  2. Module 2: Parenting 101
  3. Module 3: Master your Mommy  Mindset
  4. Module 4: Maintaining your Mental Health: Mom Edition
  5. Module 5: Maintaining your Mental Health: Kid Edition
  6. Module 6: Self-Care, For Real, Real
  7. Module 7: Supermom Wrap Up Session

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