These times demand more of us, especially as mommies...

As Black mothers, we are living in difficult times wedged between a global pandemic and the very real threat to the health and safety of our families, and the public health crisis that is systemic racism.


We are tired, we are emotionally depleted, and sometimes we are downright scared.

It’s more than COVID-19, it’s the gender pay gap that widens the wealth gap, job loss, health disparities, educational inequity, marches and protests, depression and anxiety, health disparities, and the ever-present worry that our children or loved ones could die during an encounter with the police.

To paraphrase the late James Baldwin, to be a black mother raising black sons and daughters in this the disunited states of America and to be relatively conscious is to be in a constant state of rage.

It's a LOT.

We want change. Better yet, we want a revolution. On top of that, we are mommies. So, we have to bear these burdens plus raise our babies.

I have 3 children myself. Some days I am completely overwhelmed, not sure if I made the right decision to send them back to school. Was I wrong to shatter their innocence by exposing the truth of America’s relationship with Black people?

We need support.

We need to support each other, but what does that really look like? Well, I’ve had many of my mommy friends and other black moms I know tell me they need a seat at the proverbial table, an emotional holding space that welcomes and honors our truth; where a group of black women who are moms raising black children can gather and lay it all out.

And, I mean all of it from unpacking racial microaggressions and police brutality to finding books that celebrate black girl magic and black boy joy to advocating for our children’s emotional and educational needs to filling our own cups.

Not fluff but the real, the raw and even the ugly.

We need to connect, and we need to heal which is exactly why I created my new intimate group coaching program, Motherhood So Black.


Program Details

Here you will learn how to shift from a fixed to a growth mindset, embrace your authentic emotions, understand the impact of racism on mental health, and learn real strategies to safeguard your mental health.

You will also learn how to cancel mommy burnout and imposter syndrome, how to recognize signs and symptoms that would indicate the need for mental health treatment, cultivate resilience and psychological fortitude, and how to cultivate healthy self-esteem and a positive racial identity for your children.

This group is small, so space is limited.
We kick things off 9/13/2020..

Never has there been a more critical moment in history for us to come together as black moms who desire something powerful, revolutionary, and beautiful not just for ourselves but for our children and our legacy.

You’ve got this, and more importantly, we’ve got this program to support and help you.

This robust 3-month program that includes:

  • Monthly 1-on-1 sessions to answer questions, vent, and grow 
  • Powerful bi-weekly small group coaching sessions
    Weekly newsletter filled with tips and 
  • Motherhood So Black customized curriculum to meet the unique needs of black mothers
  • Primer on child development
  • Private Facebook group
  • Assessments and worksheets

We are unbecoming — unbecoming who the world says we are, unbecoming their definition of beauty, femininity, and strength, unbecoming their ignorance of our worth and our value and instead redefining our truth for ourselves and our children so that we continue to leave an indelible imprint on our community.

Early-Bird Bonus!

The first three mommies to sign up for Motherhood So Black will receive a 30-min 1:1 session with Dr. Leesha and both of her books, FREE!